Travel information from Garlasco

Our factory of bedrooms is located a few kilometers from Garlasco!
Finding us is easy: just follow the directions below!

Directions Via Georges Bizet, 8, Seregno MB
The course provides for the payment of tolls.

Garlasco PV
1. Proceed towards the southeast from Via Don Gennaro on Via Menotti
270 m
2. Turn right onto Via Roma
150 m
3. Turn left and take SS596
Crosses 4 round
8,0 km
4. At the roundabout, take the exit 3a
950 m
5. At the roundabout take the exit onto the ramp 1a A7 for Milan
Partial toll road
550 m
6. Sign in A7
Toll road
26,7 km
7. Take the exit toward West Ring / Varese / Como
Partial toll road
850 m
8. Continue on the ramp and enters A50
15,5 km
9. Take the exit toward A4 Venice / Milan Viale Certosa
15,2 km
10. Take the exit toward Cinisello B.-Sesto Cinisello B. / Sesto
1,4 km
11. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for SS36
83 m
12. Slight right toward SS36
650 m
13. Continue straight onto SS36
9,1 km
14. Take the exit Seregno South
240 m
15. Turn right into Viale Lombardia
140 m
16. At the roundabout, take the exit 1a
190 m
17. At the roundabout take the exit onto Viale Lombardia 1a
110 m
18. Continue on Provincial Road 111
350 m
19. Continue on Via Lombardia
140 m
20. At the roundabout take the exit onto Via 2a Macallè
260 m
21. Turn right onto Via Strauss
140 m
22. Get the 1a left and take Via Georges Bizet
Your destination is on the right
190 m

Via Georges Bizet, 8
Seregno MB