Travel information from Varedo

the bedrooms of our shop is located in Seregno a thirty minute drive, many of them due to traffic, from Varedo, you can reach us easily thanks to Monza-Saronno highway that intersects the highway Milano-Lecco, in the direction of the SS36 Lecco, on which our factory store is affaccia.Una via Strauss arrived in time you will see us on the corner of a green area and you can see for yourself how the brand badroom able to merge in perfect harmony production and sale.

• Merge onto Via Bypass / SPexSS527
750 m
• At the roundabout take the exit onto Via 3a Bypass / SS527
Continue to follow SS527
Crosses 2 round
1,9 km
• Turn left and take Freedom Square / SP9
Continue to follow SP9
Crosses 2 round
4,3 km
• Keep left at the fork
Go through the roundabout 1
• Turn right onto Via Piave
• Turn left onto Via Due Palme
Go through the roundabout 1
• Continue on Via San Giuseppe
1,0 km
• At Via Macalle 1a take the exit onto Via Macallè
• Turn left onto Via Strauss
• Take 1a left onto Via Georges Bizet.