How to reach us from - Meda

Our furniture factory is located in Seregno, a few kilometers from Meda!
Reaching us is easy, just follow the directions below!

20821 MB

Proceed in a southwestern direction from Via Orsini towards Via Gaetano Donizetti
30 s (180 m)

Take Via L. Cadorna, Via Piave and Via Indipendenza towards Via Luigi Einaudi
6 min (2,6 km)

Continue in the direction of Via Riccardo Wagner
2 min (1,0 km)

Take Via Antonio Stoppani, Via Giuseppe Parini, Via V. Monti and 36 State Road of Lake Como and Spluga in the direction of Via J. Strauss
9 min (5,4 km)

Continue on Via J. Strauss. Driving in the direction of Via Georges Bizet in Seregno
33 s (270 m)

Via Bizet, 8, 20831 Seregno MB