How to reach us from - Seveso

Our furniture factory is located in Seregno, a few kilometers from Seveso!
Reaching us is easy, just follow the directions below!

20822 MB

Follow Via S. Carlo up to Via Vignazzola
56 s (350 m)

Continue on Via Vignazzola. Take Via Saronno in the direction of Via Vittorio Bottego in Seregno
7 min (4,4 km)

Take Via Tommaso Edison / Viale Thomas Alva Edison towards Via Milano
4 min (1,3 km)

Turn right and take Via Milano
51 s (280 m)

Take Via Niccolò Machiavelli in the direction of Via Due Palme / Via S. Giuseppe
2 min (800 m)

Continue on Via S. Giuseppe in the direction of Seregno
4 min (1,3 km)

Continue on Via J. Strauss. Driving in the direction of Via Georges Bizet in Seregno
37 s (270 m)

Via Bizet, 8, 20831 Seregno MB