Travel information from Desio

Our center's rooms are located within walking distance from Desio, nestled in the heart of Brianza!
Come and visit us is very easy: just follow the directions below!

Directions Via Georges Bizet, 20831 Seregno MB

Desio MB
1. Proceed north from Corso Italian / SP173 to Via Cesare Battisti
Continue to follow the course Italy
350 m
2. Turn right onto Via Vittorio Veneto
200 m
3. Take the first left onto Via Due Palme
Crosses 2 round
900 m
4. Continue on Via San Giuseppe
1,0 km
5. Via Macalle 1a to take the exit onto Via Macallè
350 m
6. Turn left and take Via Strauss
120 m
7. Take the first left onto Via Georges Bizet
200 m
Via Georges Bizet
20831 Seregno MB