How to reach us from - Lentate sul Seveso

Our bespoke furniture and hotel room is located in Seregno, a few kilometers from Lentate sul Seveso!
Reaching us is easy, just follow the directions below!

20823 MB

Follow Via Bruno Buozzi and Via D. Aureggi until Via Nazionale dei Giovi / SP44
1 min (300 m)

Continue on Via Nazionale dei Giovi / SP44. Take SP35, SP134, Via Don Luigi Viganò and Via Livio Colzani in the direction of Via Stefano da Seregno in Seregno
17 min (11,2 km)

Continue in the direction of Via Macallè / SP111
3 min (1,2 km)

At the roundabout, go straight on Via Macallè / SP111
32 s (350 m)

Continue on Via J. Strauss. Driving in the direction of Via Georges Bizet in Seregno
37 s (270 m)

Via Bizet, 8, 20831 Seregno MB