How to reach us from - Sulbiate

Our bespoke furniture and hotel room is located in Seregno, a few kilometers from Sulbiate!
Reaching us is easy, just follow the directions below!

20884 MB

Proceed in an easterly direction from Via A. Manzoni / SP210 to Via IV Novembre
1 min (700 m)

Continue on Via IV Novembre. Take Via Angelo Mattavelli and Str. For Sulbiate Superiore towards SP177 to Aicurzio
5 min (2,2 km)

Continue on SP177. Take Via G. Marconi / SP7 in the direction of Via Parco a Lesmo
19 min (13,0 km)

Take Via Madonna delle Nevi in ​​the direction of Via P. D'Arnolfo / SP6 in Biassono
5 min (3,2 km)

Take SP173 in the direction of Via Enrico Toti in Lissone
5 min (3,1 km)

Take Via S. Margherita and Via Edmondo de Amicis in the direction of Via Enrico Mattei / SP111 in Santa Margherita
3 min (1,6 km)

Take Via Lombardia in the direction of Via J. Strauss in Seregno
2 min (1,1 km)

Continue on Via J. Strauss. Driving in the direction of Via Georges Bizet in Seregno
33 s (270 m)

Via Bizet, 8, 20831 Seregno MB