How to reach us from Besana Brianza

Our factory of bedrooms is located a few steps from Besana Brianza!
Finding us is easy: just follow the directions below!

Directions Via Georges Bizet, 20831 Seregno MB

Besana in Brianza MB
1. Proceed towards the southwest from Avenue John and Robert Kennedy / SP6 towards Via 20 September
Continue to follow SP6
Go through the roundabout 1
5,1 km
2. Turn right and take Viale Trento Trieste
120 m
3. Turn left at SP6
36 m
4. Turn left and take Via San Michele al Karst / SP6
450 m
5. At the roundabout take the exit onto Viale Brianza 1a
Crosses 4 round
1,9 km
6. At the roundabout take the exit onto the ramp 3a SS36
1,0 km
7. Sign in SS36
2,3 km
8. Take the exit toward South Seregno Liss
450 m
9. At the roundabout take the exit onto Via 1a Macallè
220 m
10. Turn right onto Via Strauss
120 m
11. Take the first left onto Via Georges Bizet
200 m
Via Georges Bizet
20831 Seregno MB