How to reach us from - Sulbiate

Our furniture factory is located in Seregno, a few kilometers from Sulbiate!
Reaching us is easy, just follow the directions below!

20884 MB

Take Str. For Sulbiate Superiore in the direction of SP177 in Aicurzio
3 min (1,4 km)

At the roundabout take the 3ª exit and take SP177
55 s (650 m)

Follow Via S. Nazzaro, Via Ruginello and Via San Nazario in the direction of Via Goito / SP3 in Vimercate
3 min (2,2 km)

Continue on SP3. Take the Tangenziale Sud Vimercate, SP45 and SP7 in the direction of Via Parco in Lesmo
15 min (11,8 km)

Take Via Madonna delle Nevi in ​​the direction of Via P. D'Arnolfo / SP6 in Biassono
5 min (3,2 km)

Take SP173 in the direction of Via Enrico Toti in Lissone
5 min (3,1 km)

Take Via S. Margherita and Via Edmondo de Amicis in the direction of Via Enrico Mattei / SP111 in Santa Margherita
3 min (1,6 km)

Take Via Lombardia in the direction of Via J. Strauss in Seregno
2 min (1,1 km)

Continue on Via J. Strauss. Driving in the direction of Via Georges Bizet in Seregno
33 s (270 m)

Via Bizet, 8, 20831 Seregno MB